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Serving Residential, Commercial and Industrial Clients in the GTA

Follow the links on this page to view some photos of several different types of services offered by High Grade Construction. Take a look at some of the things we have accomplished and then call us to schedule a free estimate at your home or business.

Summary of Project Achievements

•Bus Terminal (City of Barrie)

•City Hall (City of Barrie)

•Police Station (City of Barrie)

•Libraries (City of Barrie)

•Art Gallery (City of Barrie)

•Court (City of Orillia and Barrie)

•Armory (City of Barrie)

•York Central Hospital (Richmond Hill)

•Ina Grafton Gage Old Age Home (Toronto)

•Coordinated and managed construction at Dufferin & Clark Community Center (City of Vaughan)($4 Million)

•Coordinated warehouse project for Anacond Contracting Finch / Milvan($400,000)

•Coordinated renovation for the historical Charlton House Project (City of Vaughan)($15,000)

•Coordinated renovation for the Joint Operation Center (City of Vaughan)($12,000)

•Constructed and managed Country Style Coffee Shop renovation (Shomberg)($15,000)